Studio Vixx© Branding Agency - Let's make it happen


Studio Vixx© Branding Agency - Let's make it happen

A brand should go beyond just a logo and truly embody the essence of a company’s values and mission.

A brand should convey what a company stands for, beyond just a logo. Studio Vixx strengthens brands by translating strategic plans into tangible marketing and communication activities, bringing sustainable goals and missions to the world. Founders Nadia Maatoug and Laura Jorna discuss their approach.


‘Doing nothing
can always come later!’


“Since 2016, Studio Vixx has been helping brands tell their story with impact,” Laura begins. “Specifically for brands that are rapidly growing and contributing positively to the economy and ecology. From scale-ups to industry leaders such as Heliox, Solar-Energies, IntegrationPeople, Rabobank en Unlock_ – we help brands move forward from A to Z with services like brand strategy, brand identity, campaigns, and content creation. This includes logo design, color schemes, brand style, tone-of-voice, social media campaigns, content calendars, and online advertising.

IJzersterk team

Nadia: “We work closely with the company or organization and its people. Through a strategic session, we uncover the exact needs. Where do you want to be more visible, what do you want to achieve with your target audience, and where are your blind spots? We think extensively and creatively to fulfill those needs.

Our team consists of strategists, marketers, and designers. The creative concepts we develop can be translated directly from idea to final product. This works great, allowing us to be agile and quick to deliver. We stay sharp by constantly seeking new developments and technologies.

We aspire to build brands like Rituals and Patagonia. Nadia says, “For example, I’m impressed by a brand like Rituals. They started during a recession as a solution to expensive wellness days, and developed the home-spa concept, which you now see at every airport in the world. I find that impressive – the creative turning of difficult moments.” Laura: “I feel that way about the clothing brand Patagonia. It’s amazing how they truly convey their sustainable vision by organizing events to give your clothes a second life. They are really here to save the world, and you can only admire that.”


Clear Focus

“We have therefore made a clear focus on sustainable, forward-thinking companies,” Nadia continues. “Companies in finance, banking, and green technology and energy fit us best, and we feel called to transform these brands into meaningful, strong brands. We balance well on the fine line between credibility and innovativeness, and we know where the new opportunities lie for these brands. We have built up a lot of expertise, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We are business-minded, strategic, creative, and innovative. And we work in an energetic and unique way, which we fortunately hear a lot of positive feedback about.”

“We believe in supporting companies that prioritize sustainability and have a forward-thinking mindset.”


Creative and Impactful

“We love to empower our clients to make choices that truly align with them,” Nadia continues. “When people say how inspired they are after a session, we’re so proud. We’ve helped a company move forward in their journey towards more impact and finding their unique brand proposition. Laura and I are convinced that doing nothing can always come later. A strong brand is about people, passion, pleasure, and professionalism. These are necessary for healthy growth. People don’t just fall for a beautiful presentation – the story has to be authentic and meaningful. At Studio Vixx, we aim to create brands that truly make a difference.”

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