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IntegrationPeople is the leading independent management consultancy specializing in creating value through expert guidance of integration and carve-out processes.

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Business Services Brand Strategy: Aligning Brand Identity with Value Proposition

Client & Ambition

From Service Business to a Strong Scale-up Brand

In the last five years, IntegrationPeople has demonstrated their expertise as a specialist in integration and carve-out projects. Despite their success, they faced a challenge in establishing a distinct market position and boosting brand recognition to further expand. Although their unique approach was was evident in their narrative, their brand identity did not effectively communicate this and missed the human aspect in their appearance.


Uncovering the Key to a Strong Brand Strategy

To craft a powerful brand strategy and identity for IntegrationPeople, we first needed to identify the precise factors that contributed to their success. What sets them apart from other providers and attracts major corporations to work with them?

By delving into these critical factors, we crafted a compelling brand identity that showcased IntegrationPeople’s unique approach, which equally emphasizes both the process and the people, giving them a competitive edge.

We elevated their branding, logo, positioning, website, and social media presence by highlighting the human aspect of integration. This modernized and differentiated their brand, leading to increased recognition in the marketplace.

Upon launching the updated website, we executed a comprehensive brand awareness campaign, resulting in an immediate and positive response. The successful partnership between IntegrationPeople and our team led to a stronger visual brand, enhanced online presence, and increased engagement on social media, ultimately driving more visibility and growth for the company.

Ongoing Brand Campaign & Socials

A Comprehensive Brand Campaign

In addition to the new brand identity and website, we also developed a comprehensive brand campaign to boost IntegrationPeople’s online presence. This included targeted advertising and content creation across social media platforms to increase visibility and drive engagement with their target audience.

We created a content calendar that aligned with IntegrationPeople’s key messages and objectives, producing regular posts and updates that provided value to their followers and positioned them as thought leaders in the integration and carve-out industry. This content was amplified through paid advertising campaigns that targeted relevant audiences on social media, driving traffic to their website and increasing brand awareness.

Through ongoing social media marketing efforts, IntegrationPeople has maintained a consistent and trustworthy brand image, staying top-of-mind with their target audience. This has resulted in a significant increase in their online visibility, supporting their sales efforts and ultimately contributing to their overall growth and success.


Reaping the Rewards of a Strong Brand Identity

After the rebranding and website launch, IntegrationPeople‘s efforts bore fruit. Within just two months, their clients provided positive feedback and the company experienced an astounding 200% growth in brand recognition and overall expansion. The new branding, with its modern look and feel, exuded dynamism and empowered brand awareness campaigns, resulting in increased visibility for the company. The success of the rebranding efforts strengthened IntegrationPeople’s position as a leading player in the field of integration and carve-out projects, setting them up for continued growth and success in the future.

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