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Unlock_ is where Life Science and Health entrepreneurs, startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands crack open global health problems.

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From Incubation to Launch: Digital branding that empowers marketing

Client & Ambition

A Strong digital presence, enabling us to grow and become a stand-alone Leading Brand

Established 35 years ago, the Leiden Bio Science Park has become the Netherlands’ largest Life Sciences & Health cluster, connecting talent, researchers, and entrepreneurs to achieve healthy lives for everyone. Unlock_ is a tailored incubator program that opens doors for Life Science & Health startups in the Netherlands to the rich ecosystem of businesses, research institutions, and knowledge centers at the Leiden Bio Science Park. To create brand awareness, they needed a bold digital identity.


Putting user Experience First: Crafting a strong digital brand identity

To create a strong identity, we needed to understand where Unlock_ wanted to grow. Our approach to building strong brands involved defining what made Unlock_ unique and distinctive, and then visualizing it to create branding that was leading and amplified their marketing efforts. We created a user-friendly website that offered a smooth user experience and emphasized strong brand experiences.


Capturing positive feedback and elevating Unlock_ online

We highlighted Unlock_‘s growth potential and opened new doors for scale-ups in life science & healthcare through key-like graphics and a color palette that brought together the ecosystem of diverse companies, knowledge centers, and institutions. At the launch of the website, Unlock_ received positive feedback from their target audience, confirming the success of the branding in creating a strong digital brand experience. In summary, our approach created a user-friendly website that offered strong brand experiences, helping Unlock_ to grow and establish a strong online presence, powerful brand recognition, and marketing experiences.

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